Can technology help bring women back to the workforce?

As women face unprecedented job losses across a range of industries, an emerging crop of software platforms, tools, and interventions could reshape workplace norms.

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An illustration of a hybrid employee working from home but "commuting" to work with distractions around him.

The new commute is from room to room

For hybrid employees, tech that can make anywhere or any room a workspace is key.

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Black entrepreneurs seeking change in diversity among venture capital funding

Seeking change in diversifying VC funding

Last year, investors increased funding for minority founders. But are they making a difference?

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Ron Guerrier is HP's new CIO

On the job with Ron Guerrier, HP’s new CIO

Why the company’s commitment to racial, social, and environmental justice was key to him joining.

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5 black leaders in tech

5 Black tech leaders making a difference

From HBCU outreach to strategic seed fund investing, these five luminaries are leading the way toward a more diverse, inclusive Silicon Valley.

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How automation could unlock new opportunities for women

With automation and AI on the rise, companies who reskill their workforce can open doors for women across many industries.

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Online internships summer 2020

College students prepare for their future, virtually

School’s out and uncertainty runs high, but for undergraduates eager to start on their career paths, online internships and other unique learning opportunities can take them further than they anticipated.

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Young woman works from home on tablet with golden dog next to her on a couch.

The remote work wake-up call: What we all need now

The new working-from-home reality requires business leaders and companies do everything they can to set their employees up for success.

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Qian Lin is teaching computers to “see”

The HP Fellow for HP’s Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Compute Lab is teaching computers to “see” patterns and flaws.

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At CES 2020, a sneak peek into the next decade in tech

Get ready for faster connections, more immersive experiences, and a new era of planet-friendly devices.

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Chemistry is everywhere, even at HP

Meet Silke Courtenay, who has spent 16 years at HP in a field that most don’t associate with Silicon Valley tech companies.

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HP’s Christoph Schell dreams in 3D

The president of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing anticipates a sustainable future and how consumers — and the planet — will benefit from the fourth industrial revolution.

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