Individuals using virtual reality to experience orchestras in a show called Current Rising.

Symphonies, operas, and orchestras in VR

Virtual reality is redefining how audiences experience classical music, with potential to attract larger audiences and build deeper connections with patrons.

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Digital artists and content creators are leveraging digital tools to profit from the creative economy.

The art of being a creator in the digital age

The pandemic expanded the modern creator’s palette to include a spectrum of digital tools to connect directly with audiences.

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VR Experience using the Positron Voyager VR chair in London.

VR experiences worth leaving home for

Location-based VR offers the perfect blend of adventure and safety for people hungry for new experiences after over a year at home.

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7 artists make one mind-blowing short film

HP’s Z Ambassadors, a team of talented visual artists, were challenged to experiment with remote collaboration and create something wholly original together.

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Virtual theater illustration of how performing arts are surviving during lockdowns.

The show must go on — virtually

With theaters and traditional performance venues shuttered, actors and audiences are turning to the virtual stage.

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How printed signs are helping us navigate this moment

As people step back into stores, airports, and public spaces, signage plays a crucial role in keeping everyone healthy and safe.

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How technology is helping preserve and commemorate WWII and Holocaust history

On the 75th anniversary of the end of the war, digital and virtual technology are engaging and educating new generations.

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Send a message with printable art for your windows

Part of HP’s Print, Play & Learn platform, the collection of 35 original posters are designed to display and share.

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The art of protesting HP Inc BLM

The art of protest signs

In scrawled black marker or elaborate works of art, handmade signs express the personal stories and historical significance of Black Lives Matter protests.

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Pioneering women are leading the way in VR filmmaking

Meet eight women who are shaping an innovative, inclusive culture in virtual reality filmmaking.

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At Sundance, Olivia Wilde invites us to Wake Up

A new short film from HP and the actor, director, and activist explores human connections and our relationship with technology.

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The magical “box” that captures textured materials in 3D

The fashion world and other manufacturers can’t wait to get their hands on this magical “box” that captures the texture of any material in 3D.

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The Museum of Plastic brings plastic pollution solutions to Art Basel Miami

At Miami’s famous art fair, artists at this pop-up use their creativity to help make the world’s oceans plastic-free.

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