Why 3D printing is a perfect fit for healthcare

From insoles for foot pain to casts and splints, 3D-printed devices are making one-size-fits-all healthcare a thing of the past.

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Stanford University's Virtual Human Interaction Lab

Can VR change people’s behavior? Stanford scientists are finding out

The researchers at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab are using the HP Omnicept and other cutting-edge virtual reality tech to better understand how people think and act.

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Elevating the higher-ed experience with XR

Colleges and universities are using virtual and augmented reality in courses that range from human anatomy to media as a way to make education more immersive and inclusive.

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HP Omnicept VR headset

The making of VR’s most revolutionary headset

How multidisciplinary researchers at HP Labs took theory to practice and created HP Omnicept, the most intelligent virtual reality solution on the market.

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HP 3D printing is helping to keep vehicles out of landfill.

3D printing is keeping vehicles on the road and out of the scrapyard

Additive manufacturing is reviving older vehicles and reducing waste, with 3D-printed spare parts that may be even better than the originals.

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Black man checking his blood pressure with home diagnostics tools at home.

Healthcare comes home

At-home diagnostic tools allow people to do their own testing, monitoring, and preventive care, all from the comfort of home.

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The women CEOs that are leading the wellness startup industry.

Meet 6 women leading new wellness startups

These entrepreneurs are tapping into their own experiences to pave the way in WellTech with apps and platforms that promote health and well-being.

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Tech for seniors that can help them stay healthy and safe.

The new tech toolkit for older adults and their families

From virtual reality simulations to furry robot pets, families are finding new ways to connect with and care for their aging loved ones.

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Sustainable drone by Dronecoria flying over a field planting seeds.

Rise of the drones

For the new class of customizable, pilotless devices, the sky’s the limit.

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HP helps 3D print medical devices for COVID-19

How HP is 3D printing critical medical supplies

The quick response to the global pandemic is helping meet the urgent needs of medical personnel around the globe.

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5 predictions from CES 2021 - The Garage by HP

5 predictions about life, work, and health from CES 2021

The products showcased at this year’s event respond to our current reality and set the stage for a future in which even more happens at home.

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HP and SmileDirect 3D manufacturing partnership

How HP and SmileDirectClub are leading a new era of mass personalization

A new state-of-the-art facility outside of Nashville is making straighter teeth more accessible and affordable, one personalized aligner at a time.

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