Alex Amouyel, executive director of MIT Solve.

Change agent Alex Amouyel: “There is no lone innovator”

The executive director of MIT Solve is cracking the code by bringing together brilliant minds and scalable resources to tackle the world's biggest challenges.

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Turtle swimming in ocean with plastic bottle ahead.

The new wave of tech gear made with ocean-bound plastics

HP shows what a circular, system-wide approach to recovering and reusing plastic can achieve in their products and in their overall footprint.

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Scuba diver in the ocean holding technology plates with seashells

What’s good for the ocean may also be good for business

Companies are trying to prove that conservation, sustainable fishing and carbon sequestration are profitable.

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A commuter riding his bike on a busy road which is a sustainable option of transportation.

Make the world better with one of these nine ideas

From donating flowers to being thoughtful about your speech, here are little ways you can leave the world a bit better than it was before the pandemic.

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Colorful paper house with blue background to represent sustainable household goods.

Planet-friendly products for every room in the house

From office paper to dental floss, you can find recyclable and reusable alternatives for a range of household goods that really work.

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Community colleges across the U.S. that are upskilling education for adult students.

Why community colleges are a key part of upward mobility and job recovery

These schools are uniquely positioned to respond to the post-pandemic economy and partner with businesses to train the workforce of the future.

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HP produces molded fiber packaging to eliminate single use plastic.

Plant-powered packaging protects products and the planet

HP’s 3D printing technology is enabling an entirely new way to make custom packaging that’s cost-effective, fast, and eco-friendly.

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Illustration for Lesley Slaton Brown's essay Inclusivity is more than just a seat at the table

Inclusivity is more than just a seat at the table

HP’s Lesley Slaton Brown on why tech companies also need to do the hard work of cultural change when tapping and retaining diverse talent.

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HP opens recycling ocean-bound plastics washing line facility in Haiti.

HP expands ocean-bound plastics recycling in Haiti

Through international cooperation and the grit of local workers, HP’s ocean-bound plastic recycling efforts expanded despite the pandemic and a tropical storm.

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Illustration of giving people skills and opportunities for upward mobility.

Retraining and adult education help close the skills gap

Providing technology and learning programs to underserved populations around the world builds a more inclusive future of work.

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Businesses investing in reforestation for a sustainable future

When forests thrive, people and business prosper, too

Companies are coming to view reforestation as an imperative solution to climate change, bringing tangible action on a global scale.

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Girl Rising Storytelling Challenge with HP Brown Ballerinas for Change

Messages of hope from the Girl Rising Storytelling Challenge

Inspirational stories from hundreds of grassroots organizations around the globe show why education is the key to elevating girls.

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Ship shape: Sustainable packaging makes a difference to consumers

Innovation in packaging is good for the environment and for companies’ bottom lines.

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How to be a more sustainable consumer

How to use your buying power to protect the planet

You can protect the planet with purchasing power and support a more sustainable future while reducing your own environmental impact.

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As the digital divide widens, tech companies help fill the gap

With devices, donations, and critical resources, companies like HP are helping make distance learning more equitable and accessible.

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