How we shop now: Redefining the retail experience online

E-commerce, subscription services, and AI are moving the shopping experience from in-store to on-screen.

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How to combine wellness and work while we continue working from home.

5 strategies for improving work-at-home wellness

Optimize your work-at-home setup to prevent the aches, pains, and strain of working where home and office collide.

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Illustration of a family at home enjoying the holidays

7 ideas for keeping the holiday magic alive from home this season

The holidays will feel different this year, but with a little creativity, you can still make them fun and festive for the whole family.

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Cybersecurity for small businesses and remote employees 2020

The new target of cyberattacks: Small businesses and remote employees

Opening a single email can put small and medium businesses at risk, making remote-work security more important than ever.

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Election 2020 - HP's print technology helps produce voting ballots.

How printed ballots are ensuring voters’ voices are heard

Print technology and a new wave of poll workers are helping millions of voters in the United States cast their ballots in this unprecedented election year.

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Illustration of people at library with books, zoom meetings, podcasts, and classrooms.

Beyond the pandemic, libraries look toward a new era

With a shift to online resources well underway, “the most trusted civic institutions” are in a good position to deal with the changing future.

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Protecting data during Covid 19 when working at home

Little cameras everywhere: Our evolving relationship with privacy

As devices that “see,” “hear,” and collect personal data become ever-present, consumers and tech brands look to balance convenience with privacy.

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Dear Future Me: Letters from students to themselves

In two new films from the Garage by HP and Redglass Pictures, graduating seniors open the letters they wrote to themselves six years ago — and a cohort of preteens start the tradition anew.

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Tele-education during Coronavirus for middles schoolers

Connecting without a classroom

A look at how teachers and students are rising to the challenge of distance learning.

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How to protect your family’s privacy during remote learning

Building a safe digital environment is essential to making remote learning work, experts say.

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Donate, recycle, and refresh your home technology safely and responsibly

Learn how to protect your data and reduce environmental impact when you’re ready for a new device.

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The best print magazines for kids 2020

The best print magazines for kids

These creative publications keep kids of all ages entertained at home, off-screen, and offline.

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Tips to collaborate better while working remote

Tips for teams to collaborate when working remotely

Teams can rise to the challenge of remote work, unlocking new ways to communicate, create, and collaborate from home.

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The difficulties with remote education

Back to school: Facing the trials of long-distance learning

While the challenges of virtual schooling are real, technology can provide new opportunities for the remote classroom.

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Small business adapt to COVID-19 online customer demand

Small businesses pivot and press on

Store owners are finding new ways to connect with customers and create new opportunities, online and off.

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