How businesses are using technology to meet without travel.

The new business travel — no plane required

Beyond video conferencing, here’s how companies are using technology in creative ways to keep business moving while everyone stays put.

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Can streaming pay? Musicians are pinning fresh hopes on Twitch

The gaming platform is becoming increasingly attractive to artists, who can earn money by cultivating fan tribes that express their loyalty through patronage.

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Generation Impact - The Coder presented by The Garage by HP

Generation Impact: A teen inspires others

Jay Jay Patton not only built a groundbreaking app, but she is also helping to teach thousands of Black youth to code.

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A retail employee showing a customer their home decor products in store while wearing masks.

The retail rebound

Retail is being reimagined with new in-person experiences enhanced by online convenience.

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Why staying power is the new super power

Creating boundaries and building in time for rest and recovery will help ensure that you’re working effectively and productively for the long-haul.

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Why home cybersecurity is paramount

With the pandemic accelerating the work-from-home model, the Wolf shows us once again why keeping devices — all devices — safe has never been more critical.

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Printed books from A Kids Book About to talk to kids about tough topics.

Through printing, tough topics can become more manageable for kids

The printed page can help kids and their parents talk about challenging topics in the world around them and in their own lives.

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A suitcase open with a CDC Covid-19 vaccination card with a person's travel belongings surrounding it.

How to use tech to prepare for travel in a pandemic

Even as vaccines make it safer to travel, planning a trip is becoming increasingly complicated.

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Perkins+Will employees in a New York office working with innovative technology in "Zoom rooms" to collaborate with remote workers.

Here come hot desks and Zoom rooms. And holograms?

As more companies consider plans to bring workers back to the office, experts say to expect expanded gathering spaces and fewer personal workstations.

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The Way We Work Now - Pregnancy over telehealth

The way we work now: Remote prenatal care

A first-time mother’s experience with telemedicine offers a peek at the future of healthcare.

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Child reading a book under home made tent.

How children read differently from books vs. screens

Scrolling may work for social media, but experts say that for school assignments, kids learn better if they slow down their reading.

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Downtown street of Butte, Montana which is becoming a booming Zoom Town.

Why remote workers are moving to small towns and cities

No longer tied to offices and long commutes, white-collar workers are taking advantage of new freedoms, and shifting preferences of where and how they want to work will have long-reaching effects.

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Whale's tail splashing water in a lake surrounded by mountains to represent the healthy wildlife after a year without travel.

For planet Earth, no tourism is a curse and a blessing

From the rise in poaching to the waning of noise pollution, travel’s shutdown is having profound effects. Which will remain, and which will vanish?

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People laying close together side by side when Covid social distancing restrictions are over.

Go ahead. Fantasize.

Imagining a better future, whether it includes gigantic house parties or just more hugs, helps humans cope with difficult times.

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