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Summer 2019 Interns at HP Labs – Temi Adegoke

By Simon Firth, HP Labs Correspondent

August 26, 2019

Temi Adeogoke just completed the first year of his master's degree in mechanical engineering at the University of South Florida, from which he also received his undergraduate degree in the same subject. A native of Port Harcourt in Nigeria, Adegoke moved to the US for college and is interning this summer with a team from HP’s Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Compute Lab based in Corvallis, Oregon. Outside of work, he’s a serious soccer player and enjoys exploring Oregon’s natural landscape with fellow Corvallis-based interns.


HP: Can you tell us about the research area you are working in this summer?

The team I’m interning with is thinking about a future where 3D printing applications fully exploit the advantages of 3D printing as a manufacturing technique in comparison with traditional techniques. We’re asking, how can we anticipate and proactively address problems that we might need to tackle in order to get there?

HP: And what’s the specific problem that you are tackling?

I'm looking at a couple of things. The first is how we can create valuable features within 3D printed parts. What’s the best way, for example, to print a set of differentiated voxels inside a part and then scan it to see if those voxels were fabricated as expected? I’m starting out by reviewing all the techniques that currently exist, especially the scanning technologies that are available. Machines like 3D x-ray scanners that can do this are very expensive. But maybe there is a way we can adapt cheaper technologies to get the same result.

“I didn’t realize there would be so many learning opportunities provided – not just for interns but for everyone who works here.”

Temi Adegoke, HP Labs Intern

HP: Have you made any progress in answering that?

Right now, I’m experimenting with an idea for a kind of printed code that can be read by a 2D x-ray. I’ve designed it and have printed some test parts and we’re in the process of getting x-rays taken of them right now. We’ll see how those come out and adjust the design depending on the results.

HP: Are you hopeful that you might come up with something workable?

I think we might. As part of our research, we tested how well 2D x-rays can penetrate 3D printed parts in general and those tests came out really well. That convinced us that this design could work - so I think we have a good chance of showing that the idea has potential.

HP: What’s the other project that you are working on?

After this, I'm going to look at pressure sensors. We want to see if we can 3D print a  mechanical sensor that could give you an estimate of the pressure it’s being put under per square unit in a matrix. You could imagine that being useful when it comes to creating objects that can measure something like how your feet are functioning – telling you where on your foot are you placing most of the pressure. That could be helpful for doctors, for example, or anyone wanting to wear shoes that support their feet well.

HP: How did you get interested in mechanical engineering?

What got me started was an interest in computer aided design (CAD). I’ve been working with CAD and doing design analysis since high school. Then at my university, we had 3D printers and I got into making 3D printed parts. So this internship is a great fit for me. But what’s different is that the machines here are much more advanced than what we have in school. It’s really cool to be able to work with them.

HP: What else has struck you about the interning experience at HP Labs?

I didn’t realize there would be so many learning opportunities provided – not just for interns but for everyone who works here. We’re offered so many opportunities to learn and grow – especially to build up marketable skills. I can also be sitting having lunch and people will come up and talk with you who are renowned in their field and they’ll share their ideas with you. That’s been really amazing.

HP: How are you thinking about what you will do after you are done with your master's degree?

I’d love to keep working with 3D printing and it would be great to work at an industrial lab like HP Labs. But the most important thing for me is to have the opportunity to work at the design end of mechanical engineering. That’s what I care about the most.