Becoming a digital-first company

Why digital transformation is fundamental for HP's growth.

By Ampily Vijay, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Solutions — July 28, 2022

When Ampily Vijay arrived at HP just under a year ago, her charter was deceptively simple: Leverage digital transformation to do better things by doing things better.

“We want to get HP to where every experience, decision, and journey is connected, personalized, and simplified for customers, employees, and partners,” Vijay explains. “We do that,” she says, “by becoming a digital-first company built upon a holistic ecosystem. “Digital [transformation] is nonnegotiable in today’s world,” she says.

Ampily Vijay, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Solutions

Ampily Vijay, Global Head of Digital Strategy and Solutions

“It is fundamental to accelerated growth and sustained efficiency, and is a critical market differentiator.”

Vijay lives in New Jersey with her family and works in New York on Greg Baxter’s Digital & Transformation Organization (D&TO), where she describes her role as spearheading digital strategy and enablement for HP’s growth priorities and building key digital accelerators (digital automation and digital services). Before HP, she led multiple digital transformation efforts in banking and financial services and consulted for different industries. She spoke with Innovation about championing digital transformation at HP.


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Why are you so passionate about digital transformation, and what is the opportunity for HP?

We are in a time where there is a radical shift in customers’ needs and how they would like to be served. The pandemic has further accelerated an already heightened trend where customers are no longer buying products — they are buying solutions to their problems. HP has a spectacular growth opportunity in how we show up for our customers in this changing marketplace — with personalized services that seamlessly switch between personal and professional lives, as well as hybrid workplaces, and a hyperfocus on ease of engagement. All this requires us to design, deliver, and operate with high degrees of digital maturity across HP — an amazing opportunity!

What are you focusing on in your role?

The mission is always how to best solve our customers’ problems, period. I look at three core areas. The first is connected experiences, or all the ways people interact with the company. The second is real-time insights on the supply chain, market forecasts, customer buying history, and so on, which must be accurate, available immediately, and traceable to their source. The third is digitizing processes across the spectrum of operations, from presales to sales, to delivery, to fulfillment, to servicing and maintenance. Each of these domains has a home across D&TO, some within Strategy & Solutions and some outside. We bring together these building blocks and deliver the end-to-end enablement for HP’s strategic growth initiatives.

Illustration by Seb Agresti

How does your work fit in with the other focus areas of the broader Digital & Transformation Organization?

Every digital solution that we deliver brings in the best of our core capabilities across experience, platforms, data, analytics, digital services, automation, and process, executing to clear, measurable business outcomes. In addition we drive the overall strategy for D&TO, as well as lead initiatives to further digital literacy within HP. A lot of us came from different parts of the organization, and we’re now trying to steer this ship together. We all believe in striving to be a teeny bit better than yesterday, and we also aim to bring a human element to everything we do because, ultimately, we’re trying to solve human problems.


Can you tell us about how digital transformation affects HP employees?

We are focused on resolving high-frequency pain points raised by our employees, including systematically automating and simplifying repetitive processes, providing access to best-in-class workplace devices and tools, and fostering digital ways of working. We’re literally enabling the workforce to do what they do best every single day.

What does success look like for the Digital & Transformation Organization?

The primary goal of any digital transformation is to enable faster innovation, higher agility, seamless experiences, and connected processes, delivering superior business outcomes and higher customer satisfaction at radically lower cost curves—in essence, faster, better, cheaper. This is a multiyear journey. In a year or so, if we can strengthen our foundation with a standardized, reusable set of “digital building blocks” across experiences, insights, and processes and have delivered on our growth agenda, that would be a great step.