Generation Impact is a short film series featuring Gen Z inventors using technology to make the world a better place.

Motivated to right the wrongs they see around them, these brilliant young minds bring together a love of science with a dedication to helping others. Each episode of Generation Impact features a young inventor using technology to make the world a better place.


Their brilliance will change the world.

Generation Impact | Episode 3


Using a $20 microscope, Lego, and various household items, teen Emily Tianshi transformed her garage into a science lab to study the effects of climate change on her hometown's iconic trees.

Generation Impact | Episode 1


Teen Jay Jay Patton has inspired legions of STEM students to learn to code through the Unlock Academy, which she founded with her father.

Generation Impact | Episode 2


Young innovator and entrepreneur Easton LaChappelle developed the world’s lightest weight and most affordable bionic limb using 3D printing technology.

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Meet two activists, an inventor and a computer scientist making real change in the world.

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“We make people in diverse and marginalized communities feel like this can be something for them.”
—Jay Jay Patton, Youth Instructor, Unlock Academy

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